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Companion Care Can Help You Enjoy The Holidays In Marietta, OH

Dec 20, 2018 by David Yeomans

Learn how companion care in Marietta, OH can help you make the most of the holidays even if you are coping with loss.

The holidays can be difficult times for people who have lost loved ones, family, and friends. For some, the loss is related to family and friends who have moved away. As we age, the number of people we know who pass away increases as well. For many seniors, those people often include a spouse or significant other. While these losses are always difficult, the holiday season seems to have a way of bringing back memories, which can bring grief back to the surface.

Spending the holidays without loved ones, or even alone, can be challenging at best. It is not impossible, though. Comfort Keepers’ companion care has a few suggestions on coping with loss during the holidays.

  • Knowledge. Know and understand that the holidays may be difficult. Events, meals, songs, television shows, church services, and so forth may all trigger memories. Knowing that times may be hard will not make them less so but being ready can give you the strength to press through. Also, know that it is okay to grieve. This is a natural part of coping with loss and should not be artificially set aside even during the holidays.
  • Communication. Let family members and friends know you are having a hard time and tell them about specific events or activities that are particularly difficult.
  • Traditions. Many traditions are tied to loved ones. Try starting some new traditions. Many seniors, in memory of their loved one, pick an event, hobby, or passion that their loved one enjoyed and donate time or money to it during the holiday season. Invite other family members to do the same. If you are alone, you may enjoy the company of a companion care provider to share these special moments with.
  • Diet and exercise. It is surprising just how much diet can impact our moods. By eating healthy (plenty of vitamin D and calcium), while limiting alcohol consumption and foods laden with saturated fats, you can increase your overall mood. Getting out and exercising also keeps the endorphins flowing.

Coping with loss is always hard and the holidays can make it even more difficult. Yet, you do not have to go through it alone. Comfort Keepers’ companion care providers are there to walk through these challenging times with you.

For more information about coping with loss or the many ways that companion care can make a difference in your elder years and help improve your overall quality of life, contact a Comfort Keepers’ care coordinator today.

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