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Elderly Care Can Help Family Caregivers Cope With Compassion Fatigue In Marietta, OH

Nov 22, 2018 by David Yeomans

Learn how elderly care can help family caregivers in Marietta, OH avoid compassion fatigue.

It is estimated that nearly 70 million family caregivers providing elderly care for American seniors every day. While the average family caregiver provides about 20 hours of care a week, more than 10 million family caregivers spend all day, every day on this labor of love. Mayo Clinic estimates that 90 percent of family caregivers do not get enough sleep and most of them suffer from medical disorders and mental health issues, including clinical depression. These challenges usually start with a condition known as compassion fatigue.

Compassion fatigue starts when an individual exceeds their physical, emotional, or mental capacity to serve without rest or time to recover. Common signs include:

  • Chronic physical or mental fatigue
  • Outbursts of anger
  • Unusual irritability      
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Increased anxiety
  • Feelings of resentment toward the senior
  • Lowered sympathy or empathy

These are just a few of the most common signs and symptoms, and if you find yourself facing these or similar symptoms you may be experiencing compassion fatigue. One of the worst parts of compassion fatigue is that it does not just impact the caregiver. Family members believe that by soldiering through they are helping their loved one. Compassion fatigue significantly degrades the level of care they can provide.

The good news is that compassion fatigue is treatable and reversible. Not surprisingly, the secret is rest. Studies show that family caregivers who take frequent respite breaks early on can avoid compassion fatigue and that those who already suffer from it can reverse their symptoms by taking regular breaks.

For caregivers who wonder who will take care of their loved one while they are taking a break. Comfort Keepers’ elderly care specializes in at home senior care, including respite care, hospital to home transitioning, and end of life care. Best of all, they are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, and they even provide support on holidays.

In short, compassion fatigue is a very real condition that impacts tens of millions of family caregivers and the seniors whom they serve. Thankfully, with a little rest and support, even the most severe symptoms care be prevented or reversed. For more information on compassion fatigue, respite care, or about the many ways Comfort Keepers elderly care can support you and your senior loved one, contact a senior home care coordinator today. 

At Comfort Keepers, we are proud to provide quality home care to seniors in:

The entire Mid-Ohio Valley including Marietta, Belpre, and Vincent, in OH and Parkersburg, Mineral Wells, Vienna, Ravenswood, Ripley, Williamstown, Washington in WV.

Outlying areas also served (service delivery fees may apply): Ohio - Stockport, Barlow, Barlett, Beverly, Coal Run, Coolville, Cutler, Fleming, Little Hocking, Long Bottom, Lowell, New Matamoras, Newport, Portland, Reedsville, Reno,Tuppers Plains, Waterford, Watertown and Whipple. West Virginia - Belleville, Belmont, Davisville, Rockport, Sandyville, Saint Mary’s, Sherman and Waverly.

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