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How Can An In Home Care Agency Improve Mental Health In Marietta, OH?

Sep 6, 2018 by David Yeomans

Seniors in Marietta, OH can improve their mental health with the help of an in home care agency

The human brain is an amazing thing. As a people, we are just starting to understand the brain's true complexity and have not even started to be able to tap into its true power and potential. On the other side of the coin, many seniors worry that as they age their brains will start to lose power resulting in a loss of memory and cognition. While this is true for a percentage of seniors, most memory challenges are not serious. Even better, while we don't have many answers when it comes to the brain, there are several brain-boosting tips that researchers have discovered. Consider these tips from Comfort Keepers in home care agency.

One of the best-known brain-boosting tips is cognitive stimulation. By keeping the brain active and stimulated, seniors can increase brain power and fight off cognitive decline. What researchers have discovered, however, is that the activities used to stimulate the brain are not limited to boring crosswords or troublesome Sudokus (although these are great for brain stimulation and should not be discounted by seniors who enjoy them!). Instead, most any activity that is not passive (like watching television or movies) will help keep. Some great activities include ballroom dancing, playing cards or chess, and even gardening.

Socialization, it turns out, is not just fun but it is good for the brain. Seniors who have an active social life are also boosting their brain power. By engaging in stimulating conversation, the brain keeps active. Family and friends also tend to tap into the parts of the brain where memories are stored which is good practice for memory recall.

Exercise increases blood flow to the brain while reducing stressors that can impede brain functioning. Proper nutrition and hydration also help the brain stay properly fueled and ready to perform. By engaging in regular physical exercise and eating meals that are brain-healthy (high in vitamin B-12, and omega-3 fatty acids while low in saturated fat and sugar) seniors can increase their brain health.

Comfort Keepers in home care agency can help your senior loved one with these brain-boosting tips. Many seniors need help with daily living tasks, such as preparing healthy meals or getting to and from social engagements. Comfort Keepers can help. Caregivers can also assist with exercise, brain-healthy activities, and stimulating conversation.

For more brain-boosting tips or to find out more about the many ways Comfort Keepers in home care agency can help your senior loved one to maximize their freedom, independence, and quality of life, contact a senior home care coordinator today.

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