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In Home Care Vs. Assisted Living in Parkersburg, WV

Learn more about what differentiates in home care from assisted living for seniors in the Parkersburg WV area.

The vast majority of seniors wish to remain in their home throughout their elder years. With an ever-increasing lifespan for American seniors, however, more and more seniors end up facing age-related disabilities that challenge their ability to safely remain in their own residence without support. When family members can no longer provide that support, many seniors think moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home is their only option.

Parkersburg In Home Care Vs. Assisted Living

Thankfully, for all involved, another option exists as well – in home care.

Before making any major decisions about your senior loved one's living condition, consider these important questions:

What services does your senior loved one require – really? Assisted living facilities are not nursing homes. They are not designed for seniors with advanced medical conditions or frequent care requirements. Instead, most assisted living facilities are licensed to provide assistance to seniors who are mobile and only need minimal assistance with daily living tasks. Far too many times family members are not truly honest with themselves when it comes to their loved one's condition. This can be due to unrealistic optimistic or simply a lack of understanding. In either case, a senior may consider going to an assisted living facility that is not equipped to deal with their actual level of need. This does not just apply to the senior's current level of ability but the progression of their condition as well.

Do the benefits of an assisted living facility match your loved one's passions and desires? While some seniors may have spent their whole life dreaming of living in a place with a pool and community activities, many others will not take advantage of the amenities that could make the facility worthwhile. As with a senior's physical condition, many family members do not really understand their senior loved one's current passions. Seniors who loved playing golf, swimming, hiking, or going on day-long shopping adventures in their younger years may no longer have the physical ability, endurance, or desire to do they same things today.

Instead of moving a senior loved one out of their home and downsizing their possessions and comforts, consider the benefits of in home care. With care at home, you do not need to worry about a senior loving their surroundings or the available comforts and conveniences because they are the ones the senior chose themselves.

Comfort Keepers in home care provides the exact care that your loved one needs. In fact, the care and support are the exact care and support that the senior and the family member plan along with the care coordinator. To ensure that the senior is always having their needs met, this plan is reviewed at least every six months. This way, in home care can be adjusted for any progressive or future ailments.

In short, there may be times when an assisted living facility may meet a senior's plans and desires. Most times, however, in home care can ensure a senior's present and future needs are met in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Not only does this maximize a senior's independence and freedom, but it allows them to enjoy a high quality of life in the manner they choose. 

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At Comfort Keepers, we are proud to provide quality in home assisted living to seniors in:

The entire Mid-Ohio Valley including Marietta, Belpre and Vincent, in OH and Parkersburg, Mineral Wells, Vienna, Ravenswood, Ripley, Williamstown, Washington in WV.

Outlying areas also served (service delivery fees may apply)Ohio - Stockport, Barlow, Barlett, Beverly, Coal Run, Coolville, Cutler, Fleming, Little Hocking, Long Bottom, Lowell, New Matamoras, Newport, Portland, Reedsville, Reno,Tuppers Plains, Waterford, Watertown and Whipple. West Virginia - Belleville, Belmont, Davisville, Rockport, Sandyville, Saint Mary’s, Sherman and Waverly.

148 Gross St #C, Marietta, OH 45750

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