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Other Home Care Providers Can't Compare to Comfort Keepers of Marietta, OH

Learn what makes Comfort Keepers of Marietta, OH different from other home care providers

When thinking about home care providers, there are many considerations, including the range of services offered, the flexibility and availability of care, the reputation of the company, and the quality and qualifications of the caregivers. One important area that many people overlook, however, is technology. This is an area that differentiates Comfort Keepers.

Comfort Keepers Ensures Your Safety Through Technology

Comfort Keepers realizes that while we may not be able to be with a senior every second, we also live in the 21st-century. Today, caregivers have the advantage of the Internet, schedulers, planners, alarms, and many wireless technology devices. By incorporating modern technology into their care system, seniors are safer, more secure, and have greater privacy. On the other hand, they also have access to help, information, and increased socialization and family connections.

Seventy-five percent of senior falls take place at home. Comfort Keepers personal response systems ensure that a senior is never more than a button push away from help. Today's devices include real-time, two-way communication with a real, live person trained to care for seniors in the event of an emergency.

GrandPad is a wireless tablet specifically designed for seniors. With no passwords to memorize and no setup necessary, this 4G device allows seniors to instantly access email, games, video calls, photo sharing, and social media while a companion app allows family members and home care providers to easily connect with the senior. Since the GrandPad is not seeking a source of outside financing, there are no popups, spam, or advertisements which seek to trick, lure, or otherwise create an unsafe digital environment.

Pressure mats are placed next to a bed. When the senior gets out of bed, the pressure on the mat sends a wireless alarm to a caregiver or a central monitoring station. This allows seniors to be kept safe while still maximizing their privacy. Pressure mats can also be placed in other key areas of the home to help home care providers discreetly monitor the senior. This is especially important for when dementia, Alzheimer's disease, or other mental or cognitive impairment makes a senior prone to wandering or getting locked in or out of an area. Pressure mats are often used in conjunction with infrared motion detectors to create a safe, secure, yet free and open home.

On average, seniors take a lot of medication. The number and timing of these medications can become overwhelming, which can create situations where seniors forget to take their medicine or forgot they already took it and take it more than once. Digital medication management systems can significantly reduce the confusion associated with polypharmacy and the risks associated with it.

In short, Comfort Keepers not only leads the pack in in-home care services, but they also incorporate 21st-century technology which allows your loved one's in-home care experience to become the very best it can be.

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At Comfort Keepers, we are proud to provide quality in home assisted living to seniors in:

The entire Mid-Ohio Valley including Marietta, Belpre and Vincent, in OH and Parkersburg, Mineral Wells, Vienna, Ravenswood, Ripley, Williamstown, Washington in WV.

Outlying areas also served (service delivery fees may apply)Ohio - Stockport, Barlow, Barlett, Beverly, Coal Run, Coolville, Cutler, Fleming, Little Hocking, Long Bottom, Lowell, New Matamoras, Newport, Portland, Reedsville, Reno,Tuppers Plains, Waterford, Watertown and Whipple. West Virginia - Belleville, Belmont, Davisville, Rockport, Sandyville, Saint Mary’s, Sherman and Waverly.

148 Gross St #C, Marietta, OH 45750

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