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Transportation Services Through Home Care Solutions in Marietta, OH

Find out how transportation services are a vital part of home care solutions for seniors in Marietta, OH.

One of the most troubling aspects of aging is the loss of personal freedom. For many seniors, this process starts the day they turn over their driver's license. Others may have felt the joys of independence start to fade when pain or other mobility limitations made accessing public transportation difficult or impossible.

Transportation as a Part of Home Care Solutions in Marietta, OH

Transportation, when it comes right down to it, is an essential component of aging with dignity. Being able to run errands, socialize, shop, get to appointments, or simply get from point A to point B is necessary for an independent lifestyle. The loss of transportation occurs for many different reasons, ranging from strokes and dementia to the loss of eyesight or hearing and physical impairment. Regardless of the cause, the impact is often the same: physical and social isolation.

While family and friends are often available to help, seniors do not like to feel like a nuisance or a burden, especially when their need stretches from days to weeks or even months to years. Further, when "begging for a ride", seniors are captive to another's schedule and may need to plan well in advance.

Seniors in urban centers typically have access to public transportation, but the stops are often a long walk from home and the rides can be quite time-consuming. Pain, a loss of mobility, and other medical or psychological conditions often make public transportation less than optimal, especially when shopping or transporting larger items.

Comfort Keepers understands the value of safe, reliable, and convenient senior transportation is essential to good home care. With Comfort Keepers, transportation is just a phone call away. Best of all, since the transportation services are coordinated through Comfort Keepers home care solutions professionals, personal assistance and companionship services are also available and can be seamlessly integrated.

Social isolation greatly increases the risk of many major medical conditions, including heart disease, stroke, depression, and even dementia. Don't let a lack of transportation support keep your senior loved one from getting out of the house and maximizing their senior years. With Comfort Keepers home care solutions like transportation support, their destination of choice is just a phone call away.

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